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Wondering if you might have had Covid-19 in the past and whether you now have the antibodies? During Open Enrollment, from Oct. 15 to Dec. 31, you can get a free Antibody Diagnostic Test at Fenix Medical.

The Antibody Test, also known as a serological test, is a blood test that can determine if you were once infected with Covid-19. If your test results show the presence of specific antibodies, your body may have developed the blood proteins necessary to fight Covid-19. The Antibody Test won’t tell you if you are currently infected because it can take up to three weeks to develop antibodies after Covid-19 symptoms appear.

What are the benefits of an Antibody Test?

Taking the Antibody test has several benefits:

  • You’ll know if you ever had Covid-19.
  • Your test results can guide your doctor on what treatments to recommend for you.
  • It can help researchers understand how prevalent and deadly the virus is.
  • It can help researchers predict how the virus could impact us in the future.
  • It can help researchers understand why the virus affects certain people more severely than others.
  • You’ll know if you can donate your plasma and help others recover from Covid-19.
  • It can help researchers develop a vaccine.

What can I expect during an Antibody Test?

The process is fast and simple. You don’t need to be a Fenix Medical member or have insurance.

A Fenix Medical expert will conduct your AntiBody Test by pricking your finger or drawing blood in a more traditional manner. We will then inspect the blood for two types of antibodies: IgM (these develop early on during your Covid-19 infection) and IgC (which we can usually detect after you have recovered from the virus). If we detect the IgC, it’s more probable that you have built up some level of immunity than if we only detect IgM.

If I have the Covid-19 antibodies, does this mean I’m immune?

No. Just because your test results show that you have IgC or IgM antibodies, it doesn’t mean you won’t catch Covid-19 again. Scientists don’t have enough evidence yet to determine if someone who has recovered from the virus is immune to it. Until more research and evidence emerges, you should continue to take all precautions.

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