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A privately-owned practice that makes you feel like family


Do you remember a time when your doctor was a trustworthy family friend, an experienced physician who treated you for many years? A doctor who knew your entire medical history first-hand — because they were your doctor during most of your life?

Do you recall a time when you could visit or speak with your doctor while you were actually experiencing your illness — and not three or four weeks later? A healthcare system where you actually spent most of your time with your doctor, and less time in the waiting room?

At Fenix Medical, our vision is to bring back that traditional, personalized approach to your healthcare. Our three co-founders, Dr. Julian Arana, Dr. Rolando Iglesias and Eduardo Rubio, each worked at different South Florida medical centers for years before launching Fenix Medical. They noticed how some centers were strong in their medical care, but lacked outstanding customer service. Or the opposite: some centers provided a wonderful patient experience, but the medical care lacked quality.

Dr. Arana, Dr. Iglesias and Mr. Rubio launched Fenix Medical on April 1st, 2013, with a dream to provide both ideals. Like the phoenix of ancient Greek mythology, a bird that regenerates itself from the ashes of its predecessor, our name represents the return and revival of traditional, personalized medical care. 

Today, Fenix Medical sits at the elusive intersection of great medical care and great customer service.

We achieve our founders’ vision with a five-fold strategy: our friendly and experienced Primary Care Doctors who build a close and trusting relationship with you; our family-oriented medical staff, our same-day appointment availability, our 24/7 staff-managed answering service and our carefully chosen network of specialist physicians.


As Fenix Medical’s primary care physicians, Dr. Julian Arana and Dr. Rolando Iglesias are prepared to diagnose any kind of condition you are experiencing.

Whether it’s a chronic pain, hypertension, diabetes, migraines, arthritis or cardiovascular disease, you’ll find relief at Fenix Medical. Depending on your condition and its severity, Dr. Arana or Dr. Iglesias will either treat you directly or refer you to a specialist in the Fenix Medical network for further evaluation and treatment.

As primary care doctors (also known as Internists), Dr. Arana and Dr. Iglesias are specially trained to take a “big picture” approach to your health. This is often necessary with older patients who suffer from multiple, complex illnesses.

To use a football analogy, think of your primary care doctors as the “quarterbacks” on your healthcare team. Dr. Arana and Dr. Iglesias will:

  • Take a look at the overall picture of your health
  • Diagnose, treat and manage any number of acute and chronic health conditions you may be experiencing
  • Make your life easier by coordinating with different specialists and managing all of these required medical appointments 


Another huge benefit of joining the Fenix Medical family is that our primary care physicians won’t just treat you when you are sick. Their goal is to help you prevent future illnesses by promoting excellent health.

By scheduling regular visits with your primary care physicians and our network of specialists, Fenix Medical manages your health and wellness with a proactive and preventive approach.

Their ultimate goal is to help you lead a healthier life.

If you live near Coral Gables or Hialeah, and you are ready to experience the Fenix Difference, call us today for your first appointment, at 305-446-0330. 

Need proof of the Fenix Medical difference? Just listen to what our patients have to say. Click on the various Patient Testimonial videos to the right.

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Patient Testimonials (English)

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Fenix Medical's Lauren Rubio...

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Experience the Fenix Difference...in Coral Gables or Hialeah

No matter where you live in Miami-Dade County, you’ll have a Fenix Medical location within reach: either our Coral Gables office, near Le Jeune Road and Coral Way or Hialeah office, right on the corner of West 12th Avenue and 37th Street, inside the Regions Bank building. Each one of our locations has convenient parking on site.

If you don’t drive, one of our transportation specialists can pick you up in one of our comfortable Fenix Medical passenger vans and drive you safely to your nearest Fenix Medical location or specialist.

Our experienced drivers understand that you may have difficulty walking. They will take special precautions and assist you in getting in and out of the passenger van comfortably.

We promised to take care… and delivered

See what several Fenix Medical patients say about us...

  • "From the first phone call to the Fenix office, they treat you like family. ‘Francisco, how are you? How’s your family?’ is how they greet me. My doctor is Dr. Arana. And being his patient is just like the good old days. He sits down, talks to you, and you feel like he’s your friend. You forget that he’s your doctor. That’s why I won’t ever leave Fenix Medical."
    Francisco Hernandez Longtime Fenix Medical Patient
  • "I had cancer. And I have fallen many times. I have fractured my shoulders and my hips. And thanks to the medical care at Fenix Medical, I'm here. I'm alive."
    Clara Fernandez Longtime Fenix Medical patient
  • "I've been coming to Fenix Medical for 14 years, and I'm very satisfied with their service. They are so cordial, and so kind to me. Ever since I've been coming here, I've felt very proud of this relationship."
    Maria Ponce Longtime Fenix Medical Patient
  • "I've had cancer twice. And thank God, Fenix Medical was able to resolve my cancer. The doctors are never in a hurry. What they are doing is taking their time to treat the patients well. I understand that, so I'm happy knowing that when my appointment arrives, they'll treat me the same way. My friends talk to me about their medical conditions. I tell my friends to come to Fenix Medical because they'll find a solution here. And they won't ever want to leave."
    Angel Ponce Longtime Fenix Medical Patient & Cancer Survivor

Hear what our patients say about Fenix Medical...