5 Reasons to Choose Fenix Medical


At Fenix Medical,  you’ll never feel like a number, or like just another patient who waits for hours in a massive lobby or waiting room to meet with your doctor.  You’ll feel like a family member.

Our two experienced Primary Care Physicians and our APRN, Dr. Julian Arana, Dr. Rolando Iglesias and Dr. Miguel Serradet, will take extra time to get to know you. They understand that helping a patient isn’t just about reading a chart, ordering exams and prescribing drugs.

It’s important for doctors to get to  know their patients on a personal level, like a friend or family member. What are you experiencing in your life at this time beyond your health? How are your feeling emotionally? Mentally? This is an important part of a physically healthy life.

Consider our Primary Care Doctors like the “quarterbacks” of your healthcare team. They are specially trained to see the bigger picture of our health and recommend a customized treatment. This treatment plan can include various specialists, depending on your specific condition or conditions.


At Fenix Medical, our doctors and staff will treat you like a member of their own family. We carefully hire our staff to make sure they are not just experienced in the medical field, but also nurturing and friendly.

Our staff is fully bilingual (English and Spanish), and most are of Hispanic origin, so we share your language and cultural values. Our co-founders place a maximum priority on creating a family-style environment among our staff…which then carries over to our patients.

Ask any of our patients about the Fenix Family atmosphere, and they’ll vouch for this quality.

“From the first phone call to the Fenix office, they treat you like family,” says longtime patient Francisco Hernandez. “‘Francisco, how are you? How’s your family?’ is how they greet me. My doctor is Dr. Arana. And being his patient is just like the good old days. He sits down, talks to you, and you feel like he’s your friend. You forget that he’s your doctor. That’s why I won’t ever leave Fenix Medical.”


If you’ve ever been a member of a medical center or large clinic, you may have experienced the need to call your doctor during off-hours with a question or concern. You probably experienced an answering service, either a recording or someone who doesn’t even work directly for the doctor — or who doesn’t even speak your language.

At Fenix Medical, one of our full-time expert bilingual staff members will answer your call, no matter what time it is. And during office hours, if you need to speak with your doctor directly, you will.

Fenix Medical also offers same-day and next-day appointments, so that you can see your doctor while you are actually experiencing your illness, and not three or four weeks later.


No matter where you live in Miami-Dade County, you’ll have a Fenix Medical location within reach: either our Coral Gables office, near Le Jeune Road and Coral Way or Hialeah office, right on the corner of West 12th Avenue and 37th Street, inside the Regions Bank building. Each one of our locations has convenient parking on site.

If you don’t drive, one of our transportation specialists can pick you up in one of our comfortable Fenix Medical passenger vans and drive you safely to your nearest Fenix Medical location or specialist.

Our experienced drivers understand that you may have difficulty walking. They will take special precautions and assist you in getting in and out of the passenger van comfortably.


Since the launch of Fenix Medical in 2013, our co-founders began to notice something curious: the patients who joined Fenix Medical, stayed with Fenix Medical — year after year.

Our patient retention rate is in the high 90% range. This is a rare feat in South Florida.

Our co-founders know this comparison because they all worked for other centers or HMOs before founding Fenix Medical. Some offered quality care but disappointing customer service. Some offered decent customer service, but disappointing healthcare.

We attribute our high retention rate to our personalized approach, our family-oriented style and the high quality of our primary care doctors and our network of carefully chosen specialists.

Listen to some of our patients directly in our Patient Video Testimonials by clicking here.

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